Stay at Hotel San Rafael Boutique.

During your stay at Hotel San Rafael Boutique, you can also participate in different tours and activities located on or off our property. Visit Valle Azul Hot Springs - Night Hike - Waterfall Hikes - La Iguana Lake- Spa Treatments -Birdwatching and animals. Among the tours you can choose; Hanging Bridges, Arenal Volcano National Park Hike, and Rio Celeste. 



Costa Rican Animals

It's not uncommon to see a Toucan perched on a tree or electrical wire or an iguana hanging around the lagoon or crossing the street. The exotic butterflies are in abundance because of the country's flowers and, if you are really lucky, you might even see the occasional family of sloths lazily crawling across a tree branch or the colorful frogs lingering around the water or hanging on a branch.




Arenal Volcano

The country has five volcanoes, one of which is the 5437-foot high Arenal volcano, which is only about twenty miles northwest of our resort. The volcano was actively spewing lava until July of 2012 when it "went to sleep".

Even though the volcano is dormant, there is still plenty to do because it's there. There are hot springs everywhere where you can bask in the warm (to hot) waters, and Arenal Park allows for hiking around and up the volcano.

Beautiful Hot Springs

Surrounding the Arenal volcano are numerous therapeutic hot springs. They are typically part of a hotel or a self-contained tourist destination. No matter which, they normally provide a full bar and restaurant along with showers and lockers.

Most of the springs have a number of "pools" that are of different temperatures starting with the hottest one closest to the volcano. As the water flows down to the next pool it decreases the water temperature so everyone is able to find the perfect, relaxing temperature.

You can sit under waterfalls as they gently massage your shoulders and neck, relax sipping a drink with friends at the edge of the pool or lounge in one of the submerged lounge chairs strategically placed alongside of the pool.

You haven't experienced relaxation until you step into the crystal clear, pure waters naturally warmed by nature.

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And More

The central area of the country is made up of many beautiful waterfalls - some with water painted blue by the minerals within it. There are organic farms, butterfly observatories, horseback rain forest tours and much more.

Of course, there are also the world famous zipline canopy tours. Costa Rica was the first place on Earth to provide ziplines and they know how to do it right. The thrill of ziplining over the rain forest is something you can't describe to others until they do it themselves. Of course, safety is always put first so you can be very sure you will enjoy your trip without fear of something going wrong. These people are experts.

La Fortuna is a town right outside the park and it is a tourist attraction in its own right. Quaint shops are spread throughout the town with higher than expected quality and decent pricing. The restaurants in town serve a menu dedicated to the local fare, which you are sure to love. And, the view of the Arenal volcano is breathtaking at the end of the main street.